A spot of turbulence

Life is a lot of fun. It is exciting and busy. It has great opportunities and things to enjoy. But it can also be very hard, difficult, complex, challenging and tough. So how do we make sure that we can come through things relatively unscathed?

In the past few weeks I have been ill. It started at the end of last year and then lingered despite the attempts to defeat the virus with two lots of antibiotics. It is something I haven’t kept quiet about because it has been really frustrating. The more days and weeks that past the more annoyed I got that I was still feeling tired, ill and bunged up. I know this is something that a lot of people have also battled with in recent weeks.

One thing that kept going through my mind was that I just didn’t have time to be ill. I have work, home life, a horse, my gerbils and all the things I like doing to try and fit into each day and being under the weather just wasn’t helpful. It made every day a struggle as I had to try and complete my obligations.

I like to pride myself on my resilience. The ability to bounce back from stresses, challenges and frustrating things that happen. I always feel that I am invincible and can keep going on and on a bit like the Duracell bunny. This week has proved to me that I can’t.

The illness, the work, the responsibilities I have all conspired against me. It left me nowhere to go when a few little problems arose. I reached capacity and the only place left was a little meltdown. I should have spotted the warning signs earlier and done the right thing. The right thing was to give myself some time out, some time to recover from the mounting pressures.

We can often be out of touch with our situation until it comes to breaking point. It is important to take better care of ourselves. I was interested to see a blog I wrote from about this time last year that was inspired by a survey that found public relations work was among one of the most stressful professions. If we know these things then why don’t we look more closely at our lives and build in some capacity that will leave us somewhere to go when the pressure is on?

Time for us to be kinder to ourselves to make sure we can regroup and bounce back from the turbulent times in our lives.

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