A time to grow

After more than two weeks trying to get over a horrible virus I am finally starting to feel better. It has meant I can start to look to the year ahead and some predictions of what may be ahead.

It is going to be another challenging year with the start of stepping away from Europe and closer to home the election of the Greater Manchester mayor. There is no doubt that public services will face more budget reductions and as communicators that is going to bring extra pressure.

But that difficult environment brings opportunities to demonstrate what communication can do to help manage change and uncertainty. There is a chance for public sector communicators to get more involved in helping to shape the future as they have a unique position that gives a broad understanding of the service.

The 12 months ahead is a time for public relations to grow into a strategic function. All of us working in the industry have a duty to elevate what we do by focusing on ethics, delivery and frontline benefits to organisations. This is our time to redefine public relations as much more than promotion.

For my part I want to end this year feeling that I have been able to help communication and PR grow. I want to play my part in moving things forward so the future is bright for the industry as it has a huge amount to offer to 2017.

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