Honoured or not

There is a lot to be said about why we do certain things in our life. When it is something that we want to do then we do it with passion. It is that bit extra that makes it special.

We will be reading a lot about those who have been awarded honours for new year. It doesn’t matter what you think of the system because what most of them have in common is a passion for the thing that they do. It is what they have invested time and energy into and that is what is being recognised.

I am lucky enough to know a few people who have been honoured for different reasons. They have all had a determination to succeed and to make a difference. They have done it over many years so there has been a clear commitment.

I know there are many others whose work goes unrecognised so perhaps we should find ways of making sure it gets noticed. It isn’t all about the honours but should be about saying thank you when we witness such great work. So to everyone receiving honours and those that haven’t but should be recognised well done.

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