The day after 

When I was growing up Boxing Day was always the time to really get to grips with my presents. I could try things out and play with each in turn. There was a great feeling of satisfaction in doing that but it was always accompanied by another task. 

The task was one of the most important and had to be done with meticulous precision. It was to write thank you letters to all the family members who had sent presents. As all the relatives are down South and it was well before the arrival of social media this was the only way to show your appreciation. I felt it was important to show my gratitude even at a young age.

I had a plan. I would keep the tag with the item to ensure I didn’t miss any thank yous that needed to be sent. It was very carefully organised and I would get very frustrated if any tags went awry.

Now I am a lot older there is still the feeling that Boxing Day should be to enjoy the lovely gifts and to let people know that I appreciate the thoughtful presents. Young people really should see both elements together – enjoy what you have but also be grateful.

It is a useful way of looking at life. We should take time to enjoy what we have but also show gratitude for it. It can help us to have a more positive outlook even when the chips are down. 

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