A positive Christmas message

This isn’t the way I expected to be spending my Christmas. I have been lying on the sofa for the best part of four days now feeling rough, coughing and varying between hot and cold. I either have a bad cold or flu but whatever it is the bug has arrived at the most unhelpful time of the year. In not sharing it with others I have ended up with an enforced isolation. Thankfully, unlike many who are on their own at Christmas I can at least spend time with my animals, and my other half who seems to be immune to the germs I have.

I have been viewing some of the Christmas messages from both political and religious leaders and one theme seems to emerge in most and that is about fear. 2016 has been a year where fear and concerns have been at the forefront on many occasions. There have been many significant events that have increased the uncertainty we feel and heading into 2017 we can take things two ways. We can succumb to fear or we can redouble our efforts to fight fear. So how do we do that?

There is one way to fight fear and that is through love. Christmas should be a time when love is on our minds. It is not about the presents or the commercial elements. It is not about the food or the booze. It is not about the gorging and then lazing around. At the heart of Christmas should be giving thanks for what we have and helping others. You don’t have to be religious to get the sentiment of the season as we can find ways to help each other.

Today isn’t a day to reflect too much on the year we have had. I will leave that until next week and New Year. For today, I will focus on how love for each other and helping those around us should be at the heart of 2017. Remember that love can conquer fear. Merry Christmas everyone.

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