More than meets the eye

I sometimes like surprises. It is a wonderful moment when the unexpected happens and it makes you catch your breath. Yesterday I met a Special Constable who was very pleasant and looked just like other Specials.

But when he opened his mouth Jake proved he was no ordinary Special Constable. He is training to be an opera singer and his range is as a tenor. It was amazing to hear this stunning voice come from beneath the uniform. If you want to check him out look at this link

We all too often judge people by the first impressions. We meet new people and make instant judgements about what they are like, what they do and whether they are someone you want to know. I am sure we often put barriers in the way which prevent us from meeting some amazing people.

When we meet people in uniform it is easy to assume a lot about them. If you watch Jake you can see a normal person who has family, friends and interests and isn’t just a police officer.

At this time of peace and goodwill we should be aware of what we are doing and to try and have an open mind when we meet new people. That would be the real spirit of Christmas.

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