What do you think?

I can see the finishing line in sight. After well over 300 blogs that I have written every day during 2016 I have only a handful left. Once I reach the 31 December I will have successfully completed my year in blogs challenge. It has meant sharing a lot of thoughts and discussing lots of issues. Sometimes I have received direct feedback either on the blog site or through social media.

It has been a hugely significant thing to do and I have learnt a lot through doing it. This may get complicated but I have blogged a guest blog about my year of blogging. If you are interested I was honoured to have been asked to write it for Stephen Waddington and you can find it here http://wadds.co.uk/2016/12/21/find-amanda-coleman-learned-blogging-every-day-year/?platform=hootsuite 

But while I have gained a lot from undertaking the writing challenge I would be really interested in hearing what other people have made of the undertaking. Were the subjects of interest or should I have kept it focused on one area of my life? Did the ramblings make you think about the issues raised? Has it made you think about blogging?

When I started to blog it was for me and if anyone read it then that was an added bonus. I have never written for anyone other than myself. In the blog for Stephen I said “I started my working life as a journalist and more than 20 years on words are still really important to me. But as a professional communicator I don’t get the chance to write in the way I used to, so the challenge was to blog every day this year.”

This has been a huge personal challenge that has played out in public. It has brought me some clarity about my thoughts and my priorities as I head into 2017. I hope you have found it interesting in some small way but tell me what you think.

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