A message of love and hope

Once again I am sat watching horrific events unfold in a European city. It is just a few days before Christmas and such scenes of tragedy are even more poignant. This should be a time of celebration, peace and goodwill, all of which is shattered by the terrible events we have seen in Berlin this evening. As I am writing this there is no confirmation of the precise cause but it is believed to be ‘deliberate’.

It brings back thoughts of previous horrors that have affected Paris, Nice and Brussels in the past months. The aim is to create fear in communities and to divide people. Despite the Brexit vote I hope that everyone will stand by the people of Berlin who have witnessed the horror today. The events are an attack on people, on humanity and we cannot turn our backs just because it isn’t happening at home.

This can feel like a huge test of our resilience and resolve to remain as a community that supports each other. I have done a little bit of travelling in Europe for work during the past few years and I feel very connected to the continent. Whenever I am away I am reminded that people are people across the world no matter which country they are in, or where they are from. As I sit in my comfortable home tonight I feel sadness for the people who have been affected by the events tonight.

I know the commentators will be looking for someone to blame and will start the calls for reviews and investigations. The most important thing for me is that we support each other, show tolerance and above all make sure that love will win out over fear. We all have to remember to remain vigilant even as we prepare to celebrate with our loved ones. But for tonight I am just sending my heartfelt condolences and love to the people of Berlin and the people affected.

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