Beware! Fog ahead

Driving in the fog today was another reminder about the uncertainty of life. We never know what is around the corner in the same way we have limited vision of the road ahead. Good or bad things can appear out of nowhere and that is something we can’t change.

The one thing we can control is how we deal with situations but that is easier said than done. I am never going to be the eternal optimist but I think I can and should see some good in situations.

I really try to enjoy what I have today and to be grateful so I can recognise the good I have around me. There are times when this view gets challenged by local events and some of the horrific scenes around the world. 

At some moments in our lives we are engulfed by fog. We can’t see the good or the elements that should be challenged it is all hidden in the fog. That is when we need to have patience that we can find our way through or the fog will lift. 

I don’t like driving in fog. It needs a lot more concentration and to trust in the machinery you are using. But when we come through the world looks a lot clearer. Tonight I accepted the fog of life and turn my attention to the positive around me.

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