Green-eyed monster

For a lot of people today appears to have been the last working day before Christmas or even for 2016. I have lost count of the number of people that have announced to the world that this is the start of their Christmas holiday. They have done it through Facebook, on the radio and in a whole host of ways. Well good luck to them but for many of us work continues through the festive season.

I have to admit that today I had a touch of the green-eye monster. I could see all these people talking about two or more weeks off work and I knew that I had a whole week to deal with before getting to Christmas Eve. Next week continues as normal with meetings taking place right through the week, and even in the days between Christmas and New Year.

Now I know that having two weeks off would be of no interest to me. I would get bored, frustrated and annoyed with the amount of people milling about when I was out and about. I have only had two weeks holiday once that I can remember and that was when we moved into the house. We had a week clearing and then a week of starting to do the decoration that was required. It was more than 20 years ago. Since then I have had a week or so but rarely longer than that.

So, if I wouldn’t want to take the whole time off why does it make me jealous that other people are putting their feet up? I suppose some of it is that they have something that I know I can’t have which strangely makes me want it more. I have always worked in journalism and PR which are professions that continue through the holidays. There is also the feeling that I am continuing to work when others can spend time resting.

I have given myself a swift talking to. After all I have the best job in the world and I get to do it all next week. No more green-eyed monster for me.

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