Feeling of failure

Have you ever planned to do something and not quite made it? Did you manage to run that 10k or marathon but not quite make the time you had set yourself? Did you take some exams and pass them but not with the result you would have liked? We often set ourselves goals and challenges to achieve and when we complete them it is a great feeling of a job well done.

Today I got an indication of my latest blood test results. A month ago I was told I was severely anaemic and I set myself the goal of being back to the normal level within four weeks. I have yet to see the doctor but I know that my tests are better but still borderline. This means I have improved a lot but I didn’t reach the goal that I had set myself.

I have been hugely frustrated by missing the target and it led me to lose sight of the fact that I had moved forward and achieved a lot in the past month. So did I set myself an unrealistic target or was it that my approach to the situation was all wrong?

A wise woman once said to me that the only thing we have certainty over is that we can change our own thoughts. We can choose to look at a situation in a different way. It means we can away from negativity and embrace the positivity in situations. What do we need? We need to have the will to change our thoughts.

I have had the whole day to feel frustrated with myself and be overwhelmed by a sense that I failed. But I only failed to reach my self-imposed target. I have, in fact, made significant changes in my life and that is something that I should feel hugely positive and pleased about. Time to change those negative thoughts.


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