Soundtrack to my life

We all listen to music every day. It might be on the radio or in the car, possibly through headphones or when we switch on the TV set but music features in our lives. We rarely consider music and the emotions and memories that it can conjure up.

Tonight I attended the Carol Concert arranged by work. It is part of my amazing team with great work colleagues who organise the event. It is around my 14th concert as I have missed only one year since I joined the organisation. It is usually a great start to the festive season but this one had a bit more.

I felt very reflective as I listened to some of the music and I reviewed the events of the past, almost 12, months. There have been the inevitable highs and lows that you will have been through with me if you have been reading my blogs. The music stirred all kinds of emotions in me and took me back through the year and even further.

Listening to the bagpipes was also emotional and transported me to past Christmas’s. I saw others becoming tearful with some of the music and many more smiling or swaying along. Why do we do it? Just like smells the sounds in our lives are evocative and takes us back in time. 

If I could choose I would have a very interesting and eclectic soundtrack to my life. For tonight though I was just happy to be transported to Christmas from my youth.

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