In the still of the night

I had an interesting attempt at sleep last night. My usual pattern is to get somewhere between five and six hours sleep, perhaps a little more at weekends. That might not sound enough but it is fine for me. When I have done an analysis of my sleep pattern I get a very short amount of deep sleep each night, and I suppose we are all different. It means I do remember a number of my dreams.

Last night I had a vivid dream that was related to work. I can’t remember much of the detail but there was a problem that had emerged. During my dream I went to a number of people to try and work out what to do to deal with the issue. It seemed to last quite a long time as I discussed the problem with a range of people I work with now and some from the past. In the end I did find a solution to the problem and I remember feeling a huge sense of relief just before I woke up.

I know that if I had not found the solution it would have been a frustration for me all through the day. It didn’t matter that it was a dream as it would have been unfinished business.

Understanding our dreams is a complicated thing. The human brain does some amazing things and can be difficult to understand. It can help us to deal with the pressures of the day and help make sense of the world around us. I am not sure what my dream really was about and if anyone knows they need to tell me. It probably wasn’t about work so perhaps it was about my need to control what is going on in my life and my frustration when I can’t do that.

I am just hoping that tonight will bring a bit more restful sleep where I am not putting in extra hours at work.

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