Final words

I am finding it hard to write something tonight. Not because I don’t have anything to say but just because I am saddened by the death of AA Gill and no words I write tonight will do justice to his memory. I am sure many people will not be aware who he is and what he did. But he was a writer and restaurant critic for the Sunday Times. His writing was amazing and worth any aspiring journalist or writer checking out.

When we set off doing something whether it is our chosen profession or a hobby and we read the textbooks and possibly have lessons that is often where it ends. We can learn quite a bit this way but it is by looking at those that are doing that work or interest really well that is vital. I ride my horse and have competed in dressage and one of the most important things at that time was to watch those at the top of their game including Charlotte Dujardin and Carl Hester.

At work it is easy to forget to keep looking at how to develop and improve your skills. It is one of the reasons that I have blogged before about the importance of continually learning and taking part in a form of Continuous Professional Development (CPD). We can all learn from those at the top of our profession and that is what AA Gill represented for me. He was an exquisite writer and reading his words was always enlightening.

If we want to improve as writers we need to read the words of others and view things from a different perspective. I hope that my writing will be as impressive as those I look up to at some point in the future. For today though I am just grateful for the writing of AA Gill.

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