Uniquely the same

We all value the fact that we are different. We are all unique with a history and range of experiences that help to define who we are. For many people when they are young they are desperately trying to show how individual they are. As we get older we feel we are unique. I like the fact that we are not the same and being different is an important part of society. We need a blend of different people with different experiences and views to be the best. It means views can be challenged and debate can exist.

A new phenomenon has emerged in the past couple of days on Facebook that has left me feeling a bit empty. Facebook has kindly given each user the chance to create a little video of their year. Now the first thing that is wrong with this is that we still have another three weeks before 2016 draws to a close. If the highlight of my year happens in the next three weeks then it won’t be captured. But more than that is has given us so much similarity that it has lost its uniqueness.

I have seen at least five in the past few hours and they all start the same way. The only difference is the photographs that it takes from the users Facebook site. So I wonder why we all rush to do it and all follow the crowd?

Perhaps it is because we are getting something for nothing. This option has appeared for free so it may be that we have to take advantage of it for that reason. It may also be that in the world of Facebook we are so interested in ourselves that we have to review our posts for the year. Or it could be that we want to be part of the crowd and involved in the latest trend.

In doing this we are all trying to be different but we are in the end uniquely the same.


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