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I was sent an interesting comment today that was about blogging every day being a great way to ‘get your head on straight’. It is something that made me review what I have been doing throughout the past 11 months. When I started on this challenge I wanted to know if I could find something to talk about every day. The aim of it was to discuss a range of work and non-work subjects as well as to see whether I was disciplined enough to do it every 24 hours.

There are still a few days left that I have to complete to have achieved my challenge of blogging every day in 2016. But as I start to see the finish line I am getting quite reflective about what I have gained and learnt during this experience. One simple thing is that I have a lot to say and as I have already blogged I am not too concerned whether anybody reads it because I have enjoyed writing it.

Every day I do a mental audit of what has happened to find a subject that I think is worthy of further debate and discussion. It is a great way to review the day, the issues, the news, the events, and the feelings. There is always something that stands out for me. But I am not sure that in writing I am clearing my head. It may be because the approach I take is to consider a subject or issue rather than for it to become a rant. Although I know that sometimes this blog has become a little bit of a rant.

In writing the blog I take into account many things so while there is a level of freedom I am also placing restrictions on myself. Some subjects are just not appropriate for me to write about and there are personal matters that are not likely to feature. So, if I am setting these parameters is it really a way to ‘clear my head’?

It may not be a way to clear my head but it has been a way to review issues, consider subjects and become a little bit philosophical about my life. Whatever it is this has been an interesting year and an interesting challenge.

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