A special Christmas message

A friend of mine was questioning whether in the modern world of social media and instant connection we really needed to keep the tradition of sending Christmas cards. I can see the logic. We are able to connect with each other all the time at a seconds notice. Unless we impose a technology ban we are always in touch so why should Christmas cards be important?

This is, of course, a very personal thing. People should make their own choices about what they do during the festive period whether that is about presents or cards and who gets them. But in my world Christmas cards being sent through the post have an important role.

It starts with buying the Christmas cards. I like to choose cards that have a personal meaning to me, and if they are charity cards it will be supporting a charity close to my heart. When it comes to working out who they are sent to then it is simple, there are three elements for me. Firstly, there are those close to my heart, the family and friends who I see and don’t see very often. Secondly, there are those people who I want to say thank you to for their help, support, friendship or something else during the year. Finally, there are people who I don’t keep in touch with through social media that I like to link in with once a year.

The ritual of writing the cards, personalising them with special messages, buying stamps and then sending them through the post is an important part of Christmas for me. I like to sit down and start to feel festive as I put the messages together. I am not sure that the same thought and commitment can go into sending an email, tweet or Facebook post. All those things are great for a quick connection to be made but for me Christmas needs to be about going out of the way to think about others.

I will leave everyone to make their own decision about whether to send them or not, I don’t judge that decision, but for me my plan is clear.

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