Behind the window

Today is the start of Advent and that means the chance to have a daily bit of joy with the opening of the advent calendar. When I was growing up there was little in the way of choice about the calendar then there was the arrival of chocolate advent calendars and now there are many options. I even spotted a cheese advent calendar that was mentioned by the media.

We very easily slip into the routine of opening the door each day during December. It is an enjoyable experience and we get something out of it. I wonder why we can’t use the same approach with other things we should be doing every day like eating well and exercising. If we can quickly make something a habit perhaps we can make it a good habit that will benefit us.

I am on the final month of my #ayearinblogs challenge and it has become part of my daily activity to sit and write a blog on a subject pertinent to the day. In the early days it was something I had to think about and remember but now I simply fire up the laptop and start to write without another thought. It has become a habit and rather like the advent calendar it has become part of my life.

We often create barriers to doing those things that we either want to or we need to. Life and daily events get in the way and it can mean we don’t achieve what we want to. There is always something better to do than go to the gym or to do some household chores. But we can change this with a bit of determination and commitment. Those are two qualities that I have used to get me through this year of blogging. This challenge has taught me a lot and when I open the door of my advent calendar I will reflect on it.


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