Time for Giving Friday

I am going to hate myself for doing this but I am going to add to the Black Friday discussion. In the past five years it appears to be something we have imported from America and even though we don’t have Thanksgiving we seem to be taking the tradition of the following day. The message behind Black Friday is simple it is about spending money and finding a bargain.

I am sure many people will have either ventured out or been poised online to try and bag those reduced cost items. In the rush to grab a bargain good logic seems to go out of the window. People don’t stop to check that they really are getting a good deal and that they actually want or need the item.

The whole event just preys on our insecurities, our need to be part of the crowd, our need to fit in and to have the latest ‘must have’ items. For me it is the worst elements of the festive season rolled into one. The greed, the paranoia and the need to have more and more things.

I would be interested to hear from anyone who likes to get into the Black Friday mood and go shopping. 

It would be more on the spirit of Christmas to have a Giving Day at the start of the festive season. A time when we all give one present or a donation to the charity of our choice. How much good could be done on one day if we all got involved in that movement.

I am going to do my Giving Friday in my own way and give a little boost to the charities that matter to me. If you do something similar please share it.

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