Smell the roses

If you have read any of my blogs you will know there are a few things that I regularly return to including communication, social media, and modern life. Among the other subjects is one of sharing kindness and of being grateful. Being thankful is of significance today as in America people are celebrating Thanksgiving.

We don’t spend enough time recognise where we are or what we have around us. Instead we are rushing ahead and with the ever increasing pace of life it is easy to forget to stop and smell the roses today. So why is it important to be thankful?

When we spend a bit of time looking at what we have, recognising the things we have to be grateful for then we can improve our mood. It is taking a positive look at our current position instead of seeing what we haven’t got or what we would like. If you really think there are many things you could put on your list. It may be your family or friends, pets, or work colleagues that you give thanks for. There are also the basics that we take for granted like having food, a roof over our head and warmth.

If you start making a list, and ensure that you are only allowed to be positive, you will be surprised how much you will note. Of course, when we are in a good place this is much easier to do, it is when we are in a dark or difficult place when doing this is going to be hard but the most beneficial.

Being thankful is also about mindfulness. You have to be living in the now and recognising what it brings to be able to make a gratitude list. It is not about the past or the future it is about the here and now. So today or tomorrow just give yourself five minutes to focus on what you have and to give thanks for it.

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