Christmas countdown

We are just a week away from the start of Advent and the real countdown to Christmas. Today I started to do some serious Christmas shopping although I was doing it once again from my home using my computer rather than trudging the streets. Only five years ago that would not have been the case. I would have ventured out two or three times to try and find the items I wanted.

I was pondering today whether I spend more now or would spend more then? How have my shopping habits changed in the past five years?

Now when I am shopping I am more likely to choose a small business or even a sole trader. It gives me a chance to find some unusual and different presents things that are not going to be seen on the high street. In 2016 our high streets are dominated by supermarkets and big companies so being able to shop local and shop with small businesses would be a huge challenge without the digital space.

My spend is likely to be about the same as when I was going out shopping. At Christmas I find it is the one time of the year when I have a list and I stick to it, whether it is out shopping or going online. But in recent years I focus as much on giving people experiences as giving them physical presents. What I try to do now is be able to personalise the gift of giving at Christmas.

It is easy to get carried away with shopping and presents being the focus of Christmas. They absolutely are not. At the heart of Christmas, well my Christmas, is being thankful for what I have; the family, the friends, and many other things. It is a time to stop and think about others whether they are those close to us or those who may be less fortunate. As we head towards the busy festive season we would all benefit from remembering it is more than presents.


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