Slow down and think

Winter seems to have arrived today and for some reason it once again caught us all by surprise. The drive into work took an hour and a half as we crawled along the motorways and main road barely reaching 20mph. Well most of us were driving along at a reasonable pace with one or two people deciding to put themselves and others at risk by speeding in the wet and icy conditions.

I have been preoccupied by traffic related issues this week but it has made me wonder what happens to us when we get behind the wheel. It is almost as though we lose positive characteristics like courtesy and common sense. There is no understanding of the potential impact of our behaviour. When we speed we don’t think that we could cause death or serious injury. When we hit icy conditions we don’t think that it could lead to us skidding.

We are always in a rush and we need to get to our destination quickly. At some point from passing the driving test all the good driving behaviour gets lost. Of course, no-one can criticise another person for their driving because we all think that we are the best drivers.

This morning I went past a number of accidents and while it delayed my progress it also reminded me that when you get behind the steering wheel you are in charge of a potentially lethal machine. All too often we don’t think about this and we let the speed creep up or we try to look at that text.

I have had my fair share of accidents over more than 25 years driving. Some of them were my fault, some of them were other drivers’ fault but all of them taught me a few things about driving. As winter is now here it is time to make sure your vehicle is ready for the challenging driving conditions, but more importantly to make sure you are ready.

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  1. Mark Frith says:

    Very true Amanda!


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