Ho, ho, ho or no, no, no

I feel I have to write this blog. Today I noticed not one, not two but at least three homes that were fully decorated for Christmas. They had lights in the window, lights in the garden outside and a Christmas tree decorated and in sight. I checked the calendar again and confirmed that it is only November 15. It made me wonder why people decide to put decorations up so early.

In my home the decorations go up a couple of weeks or 10 days before Christmas. It gives me enough time to enjoy the lights and the beautiful colours of the decorations but also avoids me getting fed up with them getting in the way and preventing cleaning and dusting. When I was a child this was always when the decorations went up, just before Christmas. It was partly due, I think, to the fact my dad had his own business and was really busy right up to Christmas Eve.

I need to state now that I really enjoy Christmas. I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, I enjoy spending a bit of time to reflect on what I have to be grateful for, and I enjoy making people smile with a well-chosen present. What I don’t enjoy is the overindulgence, the demands to have more and more, the pressure to have a perfect Christmas and the fact Christmas adverts start in October.

The joy of the festive season is that it is a few weeks where we can step outside of the normal routine, even if we are working there are many things to enjoy. It is the fleeting nature of it that heightens the excitement and helps to build quickly towards the big day. When I come downstairs in the morning I love putting the Christmas tree lights on, but if I had to do that from November it would become like wallpaper.

I hope that the three homes I noticed today all have good reasons why they start Christmas so early. I hope they don’t get bored and it doesn’t become routine. For me, I will stick to my middle of December start to Christmas.

*If you put your Christmas decorations up before the 1 December tell me why and what benefits you get.

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2 Responses to Ho, ho, ho or no, no, no

  1. rosieways says:

    As a lone pensioner I barely decorate except for a few symbolic witer items & sometimes a wreath on the door. However I totally agree with you about the decorations. I always put my decorations up on or about the 14th, removing them on Jan 6th ( would have been the 5th but as it was my sons’ birthday we kept them up for the extra day.
    I enjoyed putting up the decorations & loved seeing the twinkling lights but boy was I glad to take them down! I would hate to have them up for too long, they would become too commonplace.


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