A little consideration

Being considerate is an undervalued characteristic. It is just thinking about others and having good manners around all aspects of life. Today there has been a national launch of activity to tackle people using a mobile phone when driving. It has prompted a lot of discussion about drivers ignoring red lights, being middle lane hogs and a whole range of other inconsiderate motoring.

We often just don’t think about others and instead focus on ourselves. We need to get to that appointment; we need to take that call; or we need to avoid the traffic jams. It is all about what we need and not about the impact we have on other people’s lives. Our moment of selfish behaviour can lead to serious injury or even death if we are involved in an accident.

Our behaviour on the roads is often an indication of both our mental state and the way we treat others. When we have had a difficult or challenging day it is easy to take that out on other people. After all if we are feeling down or low why not make others feel the same way? It may be that we have been brought up without ever having to think about others. If we are the centre of the world we live in then why would we ever want to think about those around us?

All that may sound like a damning indictment of human behaviour. It is not meant to be. It is an attempt to get people to realise that the small things we do whether good or bad will always impact on others. We can be a source for good that spreads happiness and a little bit of joy around us or we can encourage selfish and inconsiderate behaviour. That driver cut me up so I will do it back to him.

Tomorrow when you leave the house and head to work just try to be a bit more considerate to others. If you are heading out on the roads then use it to spread a bit of positivity.

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