A little bit of good

After a very busy week of news there is one story that is not likely to make the headlines tomorrow. Of course it is Remembrance Sunday and that quite rightly should be the focus of the media activity tomorrow. But it is also World Kindness Day when people are being encouraged to carry out random acts of kindness.

It happens every November 13th. Last year I had been trying to make sure I could do good things and share some positivity. It had been a great day and then at night things took a terrible turn with the horrific terrorist attacks in Paris. I can remember quite clearly watching as the horrors unfolded and being shocked.

In a world where terrible events take place every day it is easy to become overwhelmed by the negativity that exists. I will be hoping that tomorrow I can do some good things during the day that will help other people. It may be just sharing a smile or saying hello to someone or finding other ways to be helpful. Every little thing can make a difference.

When I was sat on a tram back to work after being at a meeting in the centre of Manchester I shared a lovely moment. My mind was on the concerns I had about being called to the doctors. I was in my own world and then a lovely elderly woman came and sat next to me. She started a conversation about the weather and by the time I had reached work about 10 minutes later I knew about her grandson, where she lived and why she loved being near Manchester. It was just what I needed. As I went to get off the tram I wished her a great rest of the day and I really meant it. It may seem like nothing but it really helped and she will never know how much good she did that day.

So, tomorrow in the midst of your busy day when you may be rushing around, thinking about Christmas or shopping try to do a little bit of good and make someone’s day. You never know what they may be going through and how much your action may help.


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