Take good care of yourself

When we are young we think we are indestructible. In our teenage years we are invincible and can do everything and anything. I remember surviving having had only a couple of hours sleep between going out partying for the night and getting up to go to work with my dad in the small hours. But we have to take care of ourselves which is something I have had brought home to me.

I have had a little health scare nothing major but enough to make me realise that I have been doing the wrong things and thinking it wouldn’t affect me. Our health is such an important thing and it is so easy to take it for granted. I know I am lucky because I can sort out the problem that I have and not everyone finds themselves in that position.

If you have read any of the previous blogs this year you will have seen that I recognise I try to pack so much into my days. I love my job, my animals, my home life and a whole range of other interests that all take my time. It means I get pressed for time when I am trying to juggle all the things I want to do. You can do what you want to but only if you are making time for yourself in the middle of it.

The fact is that I haven’t been doing that. I am happy to spend many hundreds of pounds to keep my beautiful horse in the best physical condition that I can. But I come home late from work and visiting the stables and will neglect simple tasks like preparing a sensible and balanced meal. Now I am changing my habits to make sure that I deal with the problem I have at the moment.

For me there is a rainbow on the horizon and I know I am lucky to be in such a positive position. I am learning and making sure the future is as bright as I can make it both for all those around me, animal and human, and for me.


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  1. Pet coleman says:

    At last!!!


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