Smell the coffee

I could not let today go by without blogging about what has been the topic of conversation everywhere. The result of the American election has shocked many and is seen as a significant development. 2016 has been an odd year for elections following from the vote to leave the European Union and now this. So what have we learnt?

To start with we need to ignore the pollsters. The monumental decisions have failed to be called correctly so now may be the time to stop bothering with exit polls or perhaps to find a new way to look at predicting the results. I am not suggesting that we go to the octopus that has been used for World Cup predictions but he may have had more success.

I am not going to get caught up in discussing the politics of either Trump or Clinton. I will leave that to other people. What I do think is obvious after events this year is that the politicians have never been further away from the public. They clearly do not understand the mood and have lost touch with the grassroots. This is something that has not happened overnight but does seem to be clear now.

In a world where we can communicate with a whole range of people across the globe at the touch of a button, why has this happened? It may be that there is too much emphasis on the views of those on social media, and often this is not representative as we share and network with people who have similar views. Perhaps it is because we have stopped recognising the importance of direct communication with people. It may be that politicians no longer realise that the electorate vote them into those positions.

It is clear that what is needed now is a reassessment of how politics works, how politicians do their job and how we can bring people together. Let us hope those in power wake up and smell the coffee from today.

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