A panoramic view

Working in communication roles is a massive challenge and yet many of us still do it and more than that we enjoy doing it. Why is this when the pressure is huge and the demands are ever increasing? There are few departments in any organisation that are expected to know the intricate workings of the business. The boardroom has to understand the business, the CEO has to get the business, and then communication has to understand the business.

If the communication and PR team don’t have a clear understanding of the organisation they will never be truly effective. In my view the only way you can be proactive and ready to take the opportunities that arise is by having a clear, detailed and thorough knowledge of the elements that make up the business. All communicators should make sure this is part of the induction when they join an organisation and should take time to listen and learn throughout the time working in any business.

This is one of the reasons I love being a communicator. You can get a detailed knowledge of the area of work. But this position also brings with it a challenge of being pulled into everything, understanding all areas of work, and being asked to support teams. It is part of the reason my list of ongoing work grows by the day, and why I seem to be doing a good job at the moment of double booking myself.

So what else draws us into the communication industry? At its best it is the chance to be innovative and creative, to have an impact on people’s lives and to have an impact on the frontline of the business. We can see the opportunities, we can make the opportunities and we can take the opportunities. Every day has something new, and every day can bring both joy and despair.

We have a privileged position and as communicators we need to use it to maximum effect. It is a role that we have fun with but at the heart of it communication is a serious business and we owe it to ourselves and our profession to make the most of this panoramic view.

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