Sunday, work and people

After a week away from work I felt the need to ease my stress levels by going in today to clear emails, sort a few basic tasks and leave my mind clearer for the Monday morning rush. Before anyone thinks I am going to moan, I am not. This was my decision so that I could keep my sanity in the coming days.

Sitting alone in the empty office with just the sound of BBC News 24 which I had put on for some company, I was surprised by how much work I managed to do. We all know that without the phone calls, emails and constant questions we can crack on and get a significant amount of work done. I really need to give myself moments like this more often.

But it was a lonely place. It is easy to forget that a workplace is made by the people that are working within it. People can ensure it is a positive, vibrant and exciting place to work or they can drain the energy from the office. We all need to remember the importance of people within organisations rather than focus on structures, processes and policies. I know those are all important things but none of them would exist without the people.

Being in work on a Sunday lunchtime is an interesting experience. You would have been surprised by how many people I met who had also had the same thought and were coming in to try and get on top of the workload. Working for an emergency service is always going to be a 24/7 thing even if you are not on the frontline and are not in a uniformed role. This is part of what makes it so interesting and unpredictable, and we just need to accept it.

I have written many times about how work is no longer something that happens between certain hours. If we are sensible we will use this to our own advantage and do things when we want to, manage our workload and get a better perspective on the demands. All very positive for a Sunday night.

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