Trick or treat

As we are supposed to be all celebrating Halloween I thought today’s blog should consider how we go to this point. When I was young Halloween was of little note. We would probably have desperately tried to hollow out a swede to make a lantern, which created a unique aroma. Halloween was always a time at home or with friends.

Now the big focus is on dressing up in elaborate costumes and going out trick or treating. You are no one unless you have a pumpkin lantern and your house has to be extensively decorated.

The origin of Halloween links to a time when people believed it was the moment when the worlds of the living or the dead came closest to each other. It was a time to remember those who have died and to celebrate our ancestors.

Now we are caught up in the commercial elements. We have to have the biggest and the best, be more elaborate than others if we are going to enjoy the day. It can cost a fortune to get involved.

It would be good to see people going back to the origins of the celebration and using it as a time to reflect on the past generations. They are the people who have made us what we are and are part of our lives today. That is a much more positive message.

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1 Response to Trick or treat

  1. rosieways says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with you. Halloween was no more than a word not that many years ago. I remember the swede lantern ( pumpkins were a lot more difficult to find.)
    Although I have no problem with the dressing up & fun aspect of it, Halloween needs to be recognised for what it originally was ( and still is, to many.
    I find that I really feel closer to my departed loved ones at this time. It helps me to remember & respect their role in my life.
    As a pensioner, I rarely make a huge effort at Samhain ( Halloween) however it takes very little effort to spend a few moments in quiet reflection. So by all means have fun, but show respect to those who passed this way before.
    Respect costs nothing.


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