To hack or not to hack

For the second time this week I am going to do something unusual and blog about coding. Not from a technical perspective because I am actually feeling a bit inadequate in that respect. But this weekend is the adult Hack Manchester and I have been lucky enough to spend a bit of time with some of the teams this evening. Staying awake for 25 hours is the first challenge for me but to then work with technology to achieve a result is beyond my comprehension.

I am sure there are a lot of people who hear the word Hack and think of many things. My other half thought Hack Manchester involved me taking the horse out into the city centre! But then others will only think of those people who are arrested for hacking into businesses and big organisations. In fact, it is nothing like any of that. It is about coding to create innovative results. Well, that is my best explanation of it.

This week has been a real eye opener. There are some amazing people out there who understand how to use the technology and are prepared to push themselves to try and come up with something useful. I am really hopeful that we may find some of the results from this weekend will be able to be developed and used at work. That would be simply amazing but definitely possible from what I have seen this evening.

I have become a real advocate for this work and am hoping that other companies, businesses and organisations can see the benefits that getting involved could bring. I am sure there are lots of charities that have data they could share. They may also get an end product that they could use. Surely that is a win, win.

Using technology to improve life is when we start to really see the benefits of what is around us and at our fingertips. I can’t admit to understanding how all these things work (I wish I did) but I am grateful to those who do and are prepared to put themselves to the test. Roll on tomorrow when we get to see the end results of all that hard work.

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3 Responses to To hack or not to hack

  1. I wish you had expounded on your definition of hacking a little more, and explained why it differs from conventional thinking. I must admit, I’m a little (maybe a lot) confused by the definition:

    It is about coding to create innovative results.


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