We must remember

As the nights are starting to draw in it is the time of year when we like to get into the comfort of our home and snuggle down. It is easy to get very focused on our own world and issues but this is precisely when we are being encouraged to think about others. Today was the official launch of the annual Royal British Legion Poppy appeal.

The appeal always feels very personal. I remember my grandfathers who both served in the Second World War. The letters I have that belonged to my grandmother are very poignant about the impact of war on them when they were just young people. There are many people that we have known or know who have been affected by war and conflict. At the end of October and into November it is our time to show support to those people and to remember them.

When we watch or listen to the news we see the impact of war and conflict now in 2016 around the world. But as I listened to the moral maze on Radio 4 last night I was forced to think about why there is an emotional response to some of the images while we ignore the bigger issues. We need to think about what is happening regardless of the iconic images.

It makes the poppy appeal very poignant when we know that conflict is still taking place across the globe. I am not making any political comment, for me the whole issue is the human suffering. When I wear my poppy I do it not just to remember all those who have been affected by conflict through the years but for all those who are living in fear on a daily basis and are struggling to survive. It is a small thing but if we could all get involved then so many people will benefit. The future will only improve if we remember the past and spread love into the future.


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