For those we rely on – I salute you

There are some people that you just love to work with. It isn’t because of their ideas, work or general approach although all these may be an added bonus. When you are working on a project with them your spirits lift, and the reason is that they are dependable and you can rely on them.

Every office or workplace has them but unfortunately all too often they are not recognised because they have their head down doing the work. They are not the people who shout very loudly about what they are doing. They are not the people who will watch the clock and race out as soon as their shift finishes. They are not the people who disappear when extra help is needed.

They are the people who will always step forward to help out. They will represent the organisation or business whenever required and they will do it well. They will adjust their own arrangements if needed without question. In short they are the people that make our hearts lift when we know they are working on a job with us.

I am hugely privileged that I have a number of people within the team, and also within the wider workplace that fit this description. One I feel I should recognise today is Rob Birkett, senior digital officer. But his job his so much more. He does everything to the best of his ability and has abandoned a large part of his week to make sure that the Hack Manchester events work.

We too often don’t recognise the contribution that our reliable people make and instead look for the big bang events to be those we reward. So this is my way of saying thank you to Rob and all those other people who recognise themselves in the description I have given. You are amazing people that do amazing things every day. From everyone else in the teams you work in a big thank you.

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