Crack the young code

I had a glimpse of the future today and I was bowled over. Being in a room full of technical people is usually something I would run a mile from but I really enjoyed it. This particular room full of technical experts were all aged under 18 and were taking part in the innovative Hack Manchester. You can check out details here

The event is a two day coding competition with a whole range of challenges being set from organisations, companies and charities. We set a work related challenge and left it really open so that the young people could get really creative. It was day one today and they were just amazing, full of ideas, innovation and a new way of looking at things.

If you needed to feel positive about the future generations then you should take a glimpse into the junior Hack. Teams of young people working together, maximising the technology they have at their fingertips and keen to make a difference filled the room. I have to admit to being a bit in awe of how easily they found it to work with the data and to develop the code. As we head towards Halloween and Bonfire Night there will be lots of people criticising young people and moaning about their behaviour. Today as the total antidote to that sentiment and I only wish that people could have seen it.

Tomorrow we will get to see what they have created and to learn more about the ideas. It will be really exciting and I can’t wait to see how creative they have been able to get with the data. I am surprised that more businesses and organisations don’t seek the opportunity to get involved either by setting a challenge or by supporting the young people. There are some future business leaders, entrepreneurs and data scientists in that room I am sure. I only wish we could find more ways to support the younger generation in developing their skills.


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