Don’t expect the unexpected

A lot of time is spent in planned activities whether it is going to work, attending the meeting that has been in our diary for a few weeks or doing the chores. We know what we are going to do and the day is quite predictable. This predictability is very comfortable to us and means we can breeze through the day with little stress. When things are changing it can be unsettling, so certainty is seen as good.

Having a nice surprise arrive in your life is something that should be cherished. The unexpected when it brings something good has a bigger impact than you would imagine. I had this today when out-of-the-blue and with no suggestion I was able to get my beautiful horse Edward out into the paddock for some grass, a roll and some winter sun. It might sound like a simple thing but when he will have to spend up to five months inside during the winter months it is huge. Every minute that he gets to spend rolling, eating grass and stretching his legs is to be treasured. Today, after a week of watching the rain drench the paddocks he had an hour out.

It would have always made me smile to get this benefit but that fact that it came without warning and was a good surprise made it even better. There was a lift in my spirits that was more than just because of the time outside. I realised it was the unexpected nature of it that made it even better.

If we think about the last time we had a nice surprise, was it made even more enjoyable because we had not anticipated it? I think so. As we are heading to the festive season there should be quite a few good things that appear out-of-the-blue and when they do perhaps we need to recognise the joy that the surprise brings.



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