Nighty, night – I hope

I have just one thing on my mind after a busy day – sleep. It is something we regularly overlook. We focus on eating healthy food and being active but for many of us ensuring we get a good night’s sleep never features. But once we are deprived of it, the lack of sleep becomes a significant issue.

My mind was very active yesterday and I struggled to relax and get a decent night’s sleep. Instead I woke up about three or four times during the night and then was rudely awoken a final time when my alarm went off. What was obvious was I didn’t prepare myself for a good sleep.

Parents with young children work hard to provide the right environment that will encourage their offspring to have a good night. The focus is on winding down, getting away from stimulus like television and mobile phones, starting to move into a more meditative state. But as adults we just don’t take any care over these things.

I regularly am on the internet or social media just moments before I try to go to sleep. I move from being busy, working through issues of the day, doing hoovering, putting washing on and lots of other tasks before then trying to get to sleep. It does nothing to help me get a relaxing night’s sleep and yet I do it virtually every day. The only time I really move to a more appropriate night routine is during the weekend when I have a bit more time to deal with chores during the day.

Yesterday I blogged about the need to stop glorifying being busy and this is important if we are to really get the good night’s sleep that we need. If we stop rushing then we may have the space in the evening to properly prepare for sleep and allow ourselves to recharge the batteries.


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