The cult of busy

I was reading an article this morning that was urging people to ditch the cult of being busy. It is an interesting subject to consider. We fill a lot into our days and most of us want everything. We want the career and the great job, we want to keep fit, we want to be able to spend time with friends, we want to have all the fine things in life. In short our desire for all the good things means we make ourselves extremely busy.

This is the problem I know I have. The busier I become the more it is a way of life and I just expect that every day is going to be filled with lots of stuff. I confess to being greedy with things. I want to do my job, to have my animals and to have all the hobbies and interests that I enjoy. As a result I rarely sit and do nothing. Even tonight I am sitting and writing this blog before I go to bed.

It makes me wonder whether I know how to relax and do nothing. I did manage to do it at the weekend on my reiki course but then I was learning more about how to do reiki. So while it was relaxing it was also another part of my life that I want to develop. I always have a to do list at work of what I want to achieve and I have something very similar for home. This includes having my weekends planned and trying to fit everything in.

So how do we change this position? And do I actually want to stop doing some of the things that fill my days?

In short, I don’t want to give up all the things I enjoy but I do need to realise that there has to be time to recharge my batteries. You can only go full on for so long before you end up burnt out. My life will continue to be busy but perhaps with occasional quiet times to ensure a balance in my life.

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