Mood swings

I received a nice bit of praise out of the blue this morning that really cheered my morning up. The email was a complete surprise and after reading it I thought I would file it for those days when I need a boost. There were a few other positive things that happened during the morning and it made me really buoyant.

As you can imagine this was never going to last and it wasn’t long before there was a negative interaction and experience. It left me feeling empty after being annoyed and frustrated. So what do you think was on my mind for the rest of the day, was it the positive moments I had or the negative event?

Of course my mind replayed the problems that I had experienced and tried to find where I could have amended things to achieve a better outcome. Being positive is important but changing my mind-set to one where I focus on the good elements is not easy. I have daily routines that aim to shift my perspective on events and these are helpful but when life throws challenging situations at you remembering to focus on them is difficult.

We all need to have a series of things that we can refer to when we need to improve our mood. These may be places that we went to and enjoyed, emails or letters that can lift our spirits, as well as the favourite song, movie or book that can all increase our positivity. If I had been on the right wavelength today the events I faced would not have been an issue, instead I would have thought back to the positive moments in the morning.

The situation is improving but I need to do a lot more to make positive my default position no matter what I face. This work continues.

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