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It is always uplifting and enjoyable to hear about the amazing work that is taking place around you. Any communicator will feel the same about how proud they can be of where they work. I had that feeling tonight with the annual awards to recognise fantastic work that takes place.

The levels of bravery, compassion and courage were off the scale and story after story came. They were all worthy of winning an award and it was great that the work could be recognised in some way. I was particularly proud of two members of my staff who were nominated for amazing communication work.

When I speak to PR and communication staff in a whole variety of roles the subject often comes round to how to demonstrate the value of the work, and how to engage senior managers with what the team do. In light of this, it was even more pleasing to see two police communicators among all the amazing stories. Danielle and Ben come from PR and press office respectively. They both put 1oo per cent into everything they do and are passionate about the job. There is an impressive list of work they have done which was what took them to the awards ceremony tonight.

After listening to all the stories the role of communication was put front and centre. In every case there was a press officer, a PR officer or another member of communication staff that was involved. It may have been supporting the investigation, highlighting good work or providing advice but in a whole range of ways we are involved. The comment was that we have a lot of fingers in lots of pies. That is exactly what communication has to be. It has to be about understanding all aspects of the business and being able to provide support in a variety of ways.

I was really proud of the team who made the award ceremony happen tonight from the awards team, to the digital support, and the photographic support. All came together and made it a wonderful experience for all those taking part. We are communicators and this is what we do.


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