Just when I needed it most

As I was walking out of the house this morning I turned to pick up a bag and felt my back muscles go into spasm. It was very uncomfortable and has been lurking and threatening to go for the past few days. It reminded me how easy it is to neglect ourselves when we are rushing around with work, family, commitments and the general day-to-day demands of modern life.

Luckily, about a week or so ago I had arranged to have a massage and the appointment had come round; it was tonight. I have found an amazing woman who has a magic touch, and around a year ago I promised myself that I would have a regular massage as a treat. It is really more than a treat because I benefit massively from treatment.

I had a session booked just when I needed it most which doesn’t often happen. By the end of the treatment I felt so much better and I could stand up straight for the first time since the early hours of this morning. We all need these little moments devoted to maintaining ourselves and keeping on top of the stresses of daily life.

At work today there was a session on resilience and colleagues from around the country came to take part. It is a reminder of how important looking after ourselves, our work colleagues, our families, friends and others actually is. With so much rushing it is easy to neglect the little things that can have a big impact. Lots of people will raise an eyebrow about resilience training but it is something I think should be considered from our teenage years onwards.

The more we learn about ourselves and how to keep fit and healthy both physically and mentally the happier we will be. It brings the control back to us, which is where it always has been. I am hugely grateful to all the people who help me achieve this.

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