Care and attention

We all need to be grounded in the practical issues of daily life. There are bills to pay, houses to clean and keep repaired, and work to do. It is easy with all this to neglect our spiritual side and also to take time to look after ourselves and particularly our mental wellbeing. Tomorrow is world mental health day and it is something that a lot of people will feel uncomfortable talking about.

We are starting to be much more comfortable in discussing physical health and conditions that we face. Well, quite a lot of us are although I know many men need to get more accepting of this. But when it comes to mental health and any issues we will avoid discussing it. It is one of the few remaining taboos in modern life.

The focus for many of us is on rushing to the gym after work, going for a run or having a swim. Our physical health is at the forefront of our thoughts. Unfortunately, there are few people who will put the same priority on their mental wellbeing. The mind still needs the same kind of attention as our body and on a daily basis. Without it problems lurk and will emerge and if we are unlucky they will floor us for some time.

For me one of the ways of keeping in check is to prioritise those tasks that improve my mental health, wellbeing and resilience. Today I was able to spend some quality time with horses which is such a great way to unwind and relax. Equine therapy is now recognised as a way to help people with stress as well as those with a range of medical conditions.

We all need to find those things that help our mental wellbeing. It doesn’t matter what they are as long as we ensure that we prioritise it and avoid just focusing on our physical health. I hope that through World Mental Health Day tomorrow we all think a bit more about this part of our lives.

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