Remove the mask

After a busy day I have settled down to see what on television can help me unwind. I don’t do the usual Saturday night fayre of X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing so decided to watch the film The Mask again. It is an easy watch with a few laughs in it. But it made me consider how many of us are wearing a mask on a daily basis.

When we are young we are trying to fit in with the cool group and that may mean changing who we are. We don’t change but rather we wear a particular mask that will be acceptable to the group. Beneath it we are still ourselves but we find a way to fit in. We learn this young and use it throughout our life.

How many times have you felt you have to become someone else in a particular situation? You take on certain characteristics in order to get on at work, have the right friends or make your family happy. There are many occasions when we hide from being ourselves and it can be as a defence mechanism. The more we wear a mask the less we reveal of ourselves and the more protected we feel.

Perhaps now is the time for us to leave our masks behind. Throw away those masks and be comfortable and confident in who we really are. It would be amazing to see young people happy with whom they are and not worried about fitting in to the group. If they were happy to be individuals then it would definitely be a brighter future.

I have had my own series of masks that I have used during my life and still have available should I need them. But now I don’t want to use them and even if life feels tough without them I am comfortable to simply be me.

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