Considering the future

I had the joy today of speaking to some local pupils about the career they may be considering. It always reminds me what a difficult time in your life it is. There are so many big life decisions that you are faced with and need to make. It is the time when you need to be faced with lots of different options.

We are all too guilty of being in our own little bubbles, as I have blogged about before. We stick to people, places and events that we know we like and we feel comfortable with. But if we continually do that we will never realise our full potential. We may miss the big opportunity that is nearby but not within our bubble.

How many professionals working in different careers will give some time to talk to the next generation? When have you ever gone back to school to try and help out with talks about jobs? I would urge everyone to check out the Inspiring the Future website where you can register your areas of interest. Schools can then find you and will ask for your help to give careers talks. It is a great idea and one I wish more people would register with to offer help.

I think today will have proved interesting to the young people who I had the privilege of speaking to. We certainly covered a number of issues from the different roles within the police service, through to apprenticeships, what PR is, and the obvious question about the relevant salaries. I hope that they will have found all the talks they had today helps them to find the right career.

It was a chance for me today to remind myself what I love about my job and the work I do, and to share that with them. I hope they find it may have opened their eyes to a different world.

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