Back on track

This blog was written yesterday but has only been posted today and the reason will become clear. 

I have spent the day feeling ill. It happened all of a sudden after being fine when I went to bed I woke up feeling very frail and unwell. I have then spent the whole day asleep, or dozing and taking tablets to try and get back on track.

It has reminded me how fragile life is. I take so much for granted particularly when it comes to my health. I just expect to wake up and be fine and then be able to jam pack my day with the things that I enjoy doing. I get up early and get going, see the horse, go to work, see the horse again, ride, come home to play with the gerbils, do some work, write a blog or two and then go to bed. I get up the next day and do it all again.

Suddenly today that has all stopped and I have found myself unable to do anything but the very basics. I am lucky that there are lovely people around me who were there to offer help with the animals, with work and I am incredibly grateful to them. But I have spent the day being frustrated.

We all can take good health for granted. We don’t look after ourselves as we should, we may drink too much, smoke, eat the wrong food, or not take enough exercise. It is our health that is fundamental to the rest of our life. If we are well we can do things. If we don’t feel well then we are limited as to what we can do.

I have total respect for people who live with various conditions that are a challenge to their lives. They are an inspiration to us all, and should make us all be grateful for the good health we generally have.

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