The right thing 

Do you do the right thing on a daily basis? What are the values and principles that are important to you? These are questions that we rarely spend any time considering but they are incredibly important. 

Today the  Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) launched its ethics festival as a way of bringing this critical subject into the mainstream. There are a range of things on offer including training and discussions. It is so important that I believe all members need to take part.

For me I have a very strong sense of what is right for me to do. I am prepared to question and be questioned so that I get the best out of what I am doing. The key has to be to use common sense and demonstrate the highest professional standards. When we have time we can consider it in more detail but we should consider it every day.

The biggest test of our ethics and values comes when we are under pressure and are racing to deal with the issues at hand. It would be easy to stick to what we know rather than step into the new world. When we are under pressure we can be difficult to deal with.

So, what does ethics mean for me? It is about evaluating information and doing the right thing, checking against industry norms and ensuring we act with integrity. When money and profile are involved it can be difficult to keep the moral high ground. 

I will be interested to see what happens when ethics is put at the heart of what we do. I am looking forward to the discussion  this month.

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