Making my heart sing

Today was day two of my weekend and my quest to get control of my mood. I have spent the whole day once again avoiding the subject of work in a bid to increase my resilience for the week ahead. Yesterday was all about trying to switch off and today had to be about finding ways to improve through focusing on what makes me smile.

I started the day on a hack out, or for those without any equine knowledge this is a leisurely walk on the horse, in the sunshine. My equine partner was amazing and didn’t let anything upset him including when a car came too fast and too close to us. There is nothing more relaxing than having a hack out with friends and just chatting about stuff. It was a great way to set up the day.

One of my loves in recent years has been baking. But if I am not in the mood I just can’t do it as I am sure that it affects what I am preparing. If I am in the zone I can throw all kinds of ingredients together and make some lovely food. However, if my mood is down it can mean a cake that doesn’t rise or that doesn’t taste very nice.

Today though I managed to rediscover my love of baking. I quickly knocked together some cheese and herb scones, followed by a healthy date and nut bar, and I rounded this baking session with some quick chocolate chip muffins. The muffins were for the stables and a thank you for the support I have had in looking after the stables rabbit – Coco. It all felt so easy and everything went well so I really did have the right mood.

The day was rounded off by starting to think about Christmas (no groans). I want to make some presents for a few people and I need to start on them now if they are to be ready. Handmade and creative present design is always enjoyable for me. So how did all this activity make me feel?

I feel great. In fact a few people have said how happy and positive I looked today. The reason why is because I was doing things that make my heart sing. It was a chance to be with my animals, to get creative and to share with others. Now I just need to keep this positivity into the week ahead.

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