Turn off and relax

I have been avoiding looking at my watch and racing around today. I have also banned myself from doing any work, talking about work and I am even trying to avoid thinking about it. Surprisingly, it is not as easy as I had thought. I suppose it is because I am trying to retrain myself to be better at unwinding.

We are all supposed to be finding time to meditate, time to relax and time to look after our wellbeing. I have been shocking in recent weeks and seem to have forgotten all the important things that I do to rejuvenate myself. It has meant becoming a bit more fragile and feeling tired and drained a lot of the time.

People tell us to do all those things because they do work and they do make a difference. After only 24 hours trying to get myself back on track I already feel better and less anxious and concerned. I don’t quite feel back to top form but I am hoping another 24 hours of this enforced relaxation will put me in that place.

When we feel more in control then we can put events into perspective and start to feel able to look ahead. Letting go of annoyances and frustrations from the past means we can then push forward with less baggage. It also means we have space and time. Because I was avoiding the clock today I definitely felt like there was more time available to me.

The important element, as I have written before, is to approach things in small steps and that is the same today. I needed to take small steps, which is what I was doing today. First was banishing any thoughts of work, then stopping looking at the clock, then valuing time with my family and the animals. If I can continue for another 24 hours then I am hoping to be back on track and more mentally resilient. Now, let us wait and see.

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