The final leg

The end of September is upon us today and if you are interested it is also a black moon tonight. We are reaching three quarters of the way through 2016 and as well as wondering where the time has gone I am also feeling a bit satisfied that I am within sight of finishing my year in blogs.

I am quite surprised that I have got this far with it without either losing interest, finding it difficult to choose a subject to write about each day, or missing the odd day. The chance to blog each day is one way of gathering my thoughts about what has featured in each 24 hours. It is an opportunity to explore what I think about events, issues, or features of the day.

One of the most interesting facts of the past nine months has been how disciplined I can be when I need to be. I make time each day to write the blog, and I spend time during the day musing on what the subject of the blog may be. I try to focus on the interesting, unusual, entertaining or informative in equal measure.

But I have to have the right frame of mind before I set out to write the blog. There is no point in starting to write it when I have anger, depression, frustration or other negative emotions swirling round in my mind and body. I need to put them to one side and focus on the point of the words I am putting together.

This has been a challenging year on many levels but has also involved as many positive events. Whatever has happened during the past year it has not been dull and it has involved extensive learning and self-reflection. So tonight is a chance to stop, take stock, take a deep breath and prepare for the final leg of the year in blogs challenge.

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