By mutual consent

After I busy day I sat down to write this blog to hear the news about Sam Allardyce parting company with the FA. He managed 67 days and just one match in charge of the England team before leaving by ‘mutual consent’ following a newspaper expose that hit this morning’s media.

I find it hard to believe that a man who said he waited 30 years for the chance of taking arguably the top job in football could end up in this position. Where were his advisers and who was giving him guidance on what he should and should not be doing? People in senior positions in any organisation need their trusted advisers around them. They should have the finance expert, the legal expert and of course the communications expert.

Ultimately the decisions that are made are the responsibility of the person at the top but they should do it from a position of knowledge and advice from a range of people. If they ignore the advice then that is an issue for them but they must be able to access it. All too often communicators are not operating at that senior level in an organisation. They are seen as the PR people rather than the strategic advisers.

I have written in previous blogs about the importance of senior communicators being able to be many things. Communicators should have the best understanding of the organisation, the frontline, the culture and the landscape they are operating in. The communicator has he role of understanding the business priorities and objectives and then working to find the right approach, channels and message.

As communicators we should be pushing to achieve that spot as a strategic adviser. We do it through having a proven track record, commitment to excellence, a dedication to the role and the ability to provide advice and challenge in the right way.

Perhaps the England manager needs to have a wider network of advisers to access and be willing to listen to what is said. They may know about football but do they know about running a business? It will be interesting to see what happens from today.

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