Staying away

Being away from home is not something I enjoy. It is more something that I tolerate when I have to. Today I wondered why this is and what I should do to find this more acceptable. After all some people spend many days and nights away from home as part of work and holidays.

Holidays may be a good starting point. When I was growing up we didn’t do the traditional two week family holiday. The most we did was a week and that felt more than enough. I never worried and I never felt I missed out, after all I had all I needed and wanted at home. It made going away from home not the exciting thing it was done for a purpose.

For the past 13 years I have been in the enviable position of having a horse and that comes with a huge amount of responsibility. I take that responsibility very seriously and holidays have become an expensive distraction. Horses are expensive creatures and so when I do have spare time I want to make the most of it with my equine companion.

Above all though I think I have so much I love around me that why would I go away from it unless I had to? That may all sound a bit cloying but it is true and I am very grateful for it. 

I now accept that I have to spend time away from home and to make the best of it. Work sometimes requires a night away and it can be a time to relax and unwind. I will try to make the most of it because after all absence is supposed to make the heart grow fonder.

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